ASTROGUN – An Asteroid Shooting Game

ASTROGUN is a Raspberry Pi Asteroid shooting game realised by Avishorp and MDreamer. The game is pretty simple – the player stands and has to shoot Asteroids that are coming towards him from any direction, before they hit him. A RADAR-like view helps the player locate the Asteroids around him.
The most interesting thing is the display system. they build a HUD (Heads Up Display)  which is a display that shows an image overlaid on the background.

The project is built around a Raspberry Pi (model B). The Pi generates the graphics which is sent through the HDMI connector to a controller board, which is connected by a short flat cable to the LCD panel itself. The GPIO connector is connected to an MPU-9150 breakout board (through the I2C bus, also providing it 3.3V); The trigger of the gun; A ‘start’ button mounted on the side of the gun; And finally a small cell-phone vibrator which is responsible for the “rumble”.


Everything is powered through a LiPo battery (in 3S configuration, giving ~11V) which is reduced to 5V by a simple DC/DC converter.

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