Halloween Automated Scarer part 2

And so this is the scarer in a box, all finished and connected up ready to spring into action
by either using the QR code or send an SMS to my Nokia 7250i the Python code will parse the incoming SMS. If the message says “scare” it will tell the PIC to scream. The PIC will be scared via its serial port and will then activate the motor back and forth a few times


Once installed in place the motor is linked to four fishing lines two are wound clockwise and two counter-clockwise. What is attached to the lines weighs pretty much the same on each and because they are wound in opposite direction the motor doesn’t have to struggle much at all.
That’s it really, the code isn’t terribly interesting but I would be glad to provide it if needed.
Here is a short video of the final effect.


And this is the sign I had outside my house.
In the end I did not have many customers scared but quite a few took the time to watch the animation and enjoyed the novelty. A witch was particularly interested in the QR code, not even her could think of such sorcery!

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