ModMyPi PiOT Relay Board

ModMyPi has recently released the new PiOT board that does away with the complicated wiring and fiddly jumper configuration of your standard relay board, and bundles that control into an on-board PIC, making configuration faster, easier and safer

The ModMyPi PiOT Relay Board Features:

  • 4 x OMRON G5LA-1 Relays for Switching up to 10A @ 250VAC, or 10A @ 24VDC
  • 4 x Tactile Buttons for GPIO/Relay Bonding
  • Two-Digit 7 Segment Display for Visual Feedback & Setting Control
  • Micro-controlled GPIO/Relay Setting & Switching (No Jumpers Required!)
  • 40 Point Raspberry Pi GPIO Modelled Input
  • 5V & 3.3V Input Compatible
  • Low Holding Current via PWM ~ 100mA per Relay Board
  • Stackable Relay Board (Up to 5 Without External Power)
  • Multiple Start-Up Modes to Negate Boot GPIO Chatter (Delayed/Handshake)
  • Pi Zero Mounting Points

Warning! Relays can be used to switch large voltages and currents. Please, please, please be careful when undertaking any work with this type of power – it can kill!

Here you can find the Wiki page from ModMyPi with plenty of information to get you quickly started with your next project.

Running the script provided in VNC

In order to run the GUI script provided on a terminal window you first need to run the following command:

xhost +

which should output

access control disabled, clients can connect from any host

this is required to correct the error you would otherwise get

Client is not authorized to connect to ServerClient is not authorized to connect to ServerTraceback (most recent call last):
File “PiOT-Relay-Board/”, line 410, in <module>
root = Tk()
File “/usr/lib/python2.7/lib-tk/”, line 1813, in __init__ = _tkinter.create(screenName, baseName, className, interactive, wantobjects, useTk, sync, use)
_tkinter.TclError: couldn’t connect to display “:1.0”

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