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The Pi Zero opened up to an increasing desire for OTG and USB gadgetry.

piShift makes it super simple to get programming on your Pi Zero – just plug your Pi into your laptop with a micro-USB cable and it appears as a USB Drive. Drag across a .py file, and within seconds the Pi will automatically detect it’s been added, and will start running the most recently edited file.

I couldn’t attend his presentation at the Pi Party (see below) about Pi Shift but the project sparked my interest and I will certainly try it first hand.

About Tom @tmhrtly

I met Tom Hartley in 2013 at a mini maker fair in Brighton when he had just released his AirPi which he made together with Alyssa Dayan as an entry to PA Consulting’s Pi-making challenge.

I was very pleased to see such enthusiasm in the young talent he was back then. Today he his 20 and has been voted in as President of the Imperial College Robotics Society.

A shame to see that the AirPi hasn’t had much follow up and that board is no longer sold but I guess right now he is keeping himself quite busy and something had to give in.

If you really want to you can follow this guide to build your own.


Looking forward to see more interesting projects from you Tom.



RaspberryPiSPy has a very detailed article about the Pi Party. If you didn’t attend the party, after reading it will be as if you did!

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