PIvena – Raspberry Pi case Novena style

I love the smell of laser cut wood in the morning! And I guess there is plenty of it coming from this ingenious project from Darksider7 and Tim.


This is a case for a Raspberry PI model B, inspired by the Novena open source laptop. It houses a 7” HDMI LCD and your Raspberry PI model B. When the case is open the LCD is held at a convenient viewing angle and the Raspberry PI is easily accessible. There is a grid of holes over the free space in the bottom of case which can be used for mounting your PIvena modifications. The back has a rectangle cutout to access the GPIO of the PI as well as holes for the audio jack and RCA video jack. The right side has access holes for Ethernet and USB. The left side features a slide mechanism that holds the screen in the open position. This is an open hardware design, you can find the files to laser cut / print your own on thingiverse. The assembly instructions can be found on Instructables.

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