Raspberry Pi – Car Speed Detector

Greg Barbu’s brother in law had a rather annoying problem with cars speeding over the limit on the road in front of his house.


Being a tinkerer he decided to get things in his own hands and started hacking a solution that would allow him to build a speed camera with a Raspberry Pi, a Pi camera and OpenCV.

A few calculations and coding later his rig was ready to send speed tickets!

It started with a Facebook post from his brother-in-law:

“Okay Facebook, I need your help.
How do you deal with A$$hole’s that live on your street and constantly speed (75 in a 25) up and down the road?
I’ve called the sheriff and they are under manned. I can call the state highway patrol but they are probably in the same boat.
Short of shooting them as they drive by, what do you recommend to get the $#&@! from hell to slow the F down?”

Seventy-five? Really bro? But that got him thinking – could you document the speed of cars on a residential street to add support for police intervention?

Read all about this on Greg’s website


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