EasyPIC6 configuration backup

If you are anything like me you might want to work on several projects at the same time with your EasyPIC. I needed to come up with a “snapshot” of the board configuration an thought MS Visio could come in handy.
For the time being there is only an EasyPIC6 version but I should shortly make an EasyPIC v7 one!

Some tips on how to use it:


Switches: Each of the switch is a separate Visio element made so that if you flip it the yellow and the white part will swap places. Simply select one and use the shortcut CTRL + j for the vertical oriented switches and CTRL + h for the horizontal ones.
Jumpers: The best method is to move jumpers bu simply selecting them and move them with the arrow keys.
Port Connectors: I have added 10 connector points to them so that it makes it easier to attach something to them, maybe a simple circuit.
Microchips: Just delete or move away the ones that are not needed 🙂

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