Robo PICA Overview


This video gives a brief overview of the Robo-PICA from iNex. As soon as I have a bit more time I should try to dive into some code.

Here are a few links about the things I mentioned in the video.
The iNex website and the Robo-PICA section
The original examples source code for Mikro C and the one for Mikro C Pro
Here you can find the original program the Robo-PICA came with.
Documentation from iNex
PICKit 2 software and documentation from Microchip


  1. The Lego Mindstorms is really nice, who have not dreamed of putting his/her Lego skills with the programming!
    Which one is best then? I guess neither, it depends what you need to do and to which audience you need to get to. Mindstorms good in schools which might want to focus a bit more on the programming aspect, things like iNex if you want to get more to the Electronic Engineering of Embedded systems.
    Money wise Lego is really expensive!

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