Mr. Gibbs sailing computer Pi Zero based



Mr. Gibbs is a powerful, inexpensive, and extensible tactical sailing computer. After getting fed up with the expensive commercial offerings (Velocitek, TackTick, RockBox), I decided to build my own and make it open source.

The goal of this project is to build a system which will meet or exceed the functionality of commercially available tactical sailing compass/gps units, with inexpensive, easy to acquire commodity hardware. A minimum configuration of the Mr. Gibbs unit and a Pebble watch will cost less than $150 to build.

The latest iteration runs on a Raspberry Pi Zero with Jessie Lite. It uses bluez5 for better bluetooth support (including BLE), and it uses 2 18650s for power. It also includes a BLE wind vane which is self powered and mounts to the mast with no wires.

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