Get the Pi3 console to work

There has been quite a bit of surprise and and hint of disappointment when people started to realise that things weren’t working as usual with regards to the console on the Pi3.

Thankfully both the community and the foundation worked quickly to fix the issue and propose workarounds.

Two of the best articles out there are from Frederick Vandenbosh and from Brian Dorey. The second also explains very much in details how the problem originated and what measures are to be taken depending on which version of Jessie are you running.



Frankly, unless you have a very good reason not to run the very latest version, at the moment the procedure to follow is only one and is fairly simple to implement.

The downside of this situation is that in any case on your first run you will need to boot your OS with keyboard, mouse and video to make the necessary changes.

You can find Brian’s article at this link and Frederick’s at this


We all hope that a future release of Jessie will solve the problem once and for all.

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