PiSpot – Hotspot creation automatique

Over at PiParty I met Heeed (yes that’s three ‘e’) which told me about a very interesting project he has been working on for a couple of years now.

PiSpot is designed to automatically connect to a preselected set of SSIDs so to simplify considerably e.g. a set-up of a class.

The fantastic thing about PiSpot is that if you Pi doesn’t actually find any of those SSID, it will elect itself as an Access Point; a Hotspot.


Beautifully this in turn means that if you put its default AP name in the list, the first to boot up will become an AP and all the others will connect to that one? Fantastic!

With almost no effort you have set-up a Wi-Fi network which instantly allows for all the Pis to communicate.

Since the Pi3 came out Heeed has been busy updating the code base so that things can work with the new kid on the block.

You can find his latest effort at this link on his GitHub and read more in detail what this project is about and how to configure the various things.


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