picoReflow – Control a reflow oven with a Raspberry Pi

The picoReflow is one of the many projects that Apollo-NG is working on in GitHub.

picoReflowpicoReflow will turn a Raspberry Pi into a cheap, universal & web-enabled Reflow Oven Controller. Of course, since it is basically just a robot sensing temperature and controlling environmental agitators (heating/cooling) you can use it as inspiration / basis when you’re in need of a PID based temperature controller for your project.

Find the source code and additional information on Apollo-NG GitHub for picoReflow

Off the GitHub page you can also find a link to an extremely detailed resource describing in depth the hole project with plenty to read and many complementary pictures.

Well if you have no need for a oven for silicon based components you can still use this project for a very efficient way of worming up your frozen pizza!

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