SecurityPi – Home Security/Automation

Chris Jones created SecuirityPi, a Home Security/Automation system powered by a Raspberry Pi central server.


Although the development hasn’t moved for some time, Chris is doing his best to keep it alive whenever he can.

The system features:

  • Responsive Web Interface, utilizing twitter Bootstrap2, written in PHP and Javascript.
  • Sqlite3 database to minimize resources, enabling many embedded/low power cross platform compatibility, while still maintaining data integrity.
  • Python/Shell script adapters to modularize the integration of sensors and data inputs.
  • Current support focusing on x10 and IP cameras, with future plans to expand to custom sensors and Zwave.


It is a rather ambitious and complex project and no wonder it’s taking its time to come to life. I really do home Chris will manage to deliver the great product he is aiming at.

You can read more about this project on website following this link

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