Raspberry Pi based VR Robot Tank


What can you do whit a Raspberry Pi, two Pi Cameras and Google Cardboard? Freddy Kilo had just the right idea and came up with a robot which is a marvel.

“The Pi has two cameras on a pan-tilt mount, and those cameras are both aimed and viewed via a Google Cardboard-like setup. A healthy dose of free software glues it together, allowing things like video streaming (withU4VL) and steering via the wireless controller (with xboxdrv). A bit of fiddling was required for some parts – viewing the stereoscopic cameras for example is done by opening and positioning two video windows just right so as to see them through the headset lenses. It doesn’t warp the image to account for the lens distortion in the headset, and the wireless range might be limited, but the end result seems to work well enough.”

Read the whole article from Donald Papp at hackaday by following this link


    1. Can you point us to some more information on how to accomplish this? For example I can see how it is being used but not sure how to implement.

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