RTK.GPIO, a USB Raspberry Pi Compatible GPIO Header

I love KickStarter, don’t you? And I love it even more when the project is as interesting as the latest one from Ryanteck.


Ryan makes a very good good job explaining in the video below what the RTk.GPIO is about which is essentially an easy way to be able to add a Raspberry Pi GPIO Header to your desktop computer or laptop.

The Raspberry Pi Add-On Market is huge, there’s an add-on board or HAT for almost every electronics project for the Raspberry Pi.

However, the only downside this they can only be used with the Raspberry Pi and many Add-ons are incompatible with each other allowing only one to be used at a time.

RTk.GPIO aims to resolve these issues.

The RTk.GPIO is a GPIO Board that is pin-for-pin compatible with a 40-way Raspberry Pi header with compatible software.

We see the Raspberry Pi header layout as a de-facto standard for general input-output experiments, particularly for beginners.

The RTk.GPIO allows you to do the following:

1) Use it standalone – for if you want some general purpose input/output on a normal desktop or laptop computer. Together with our software, this will give you the ability to use Raspberry PI equipment with a standard PC or Mac computer.

2) Use it as an extra GPIO Header – for if you’ve run out of pins on the Raspberry Pi, or want to use two add-on board together. You will gain an extra Raspberry Pi header that is pin-for-pin compatible. You can even use a longer Micro USB cable to make an extension to be able to have your GPIO pins away from the pi.

Along with this the RTk.GPIO Adapter is compatible with a majority Raspberry Pi Addons! You can check out the compatibility spreadsheet to see which ones.

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